A Huge Win For The Brazeau County Business Community

Another huge win for the Brazeau County Business Community! Whoot! Whoot!

We work in an area known for its hard-working, innovative people, so it’s no surprise that a Brazeau County businessman invented and developed a unique pipeline technology that saves money and protects the environment.
Serial entrepreneurs, Jason Kennedy and business partner Denis Girard, designed the SafeSeal360 system which allows operators to inject grease into valves in different oil & gas infrastructures. It’s done by pushing a button, either on-site or remotely, that uses 4000psi of pressure to deliver grease to the valve seats in a 360 degree manner. This ensures the proper amount of grease is delivered to the valve and distributed evenly.
As Jason says, well-lubricated valves are critical in pipelines – a valve that doesn’t close properly means potentially disastrous leaks in cases of emergency. Federal regulations require valves to be greased at least annually, but Jason’s idea is to ensure those valves are getting grease on a more regular basis, with less logistical obstacles, which in turn can double the lifespan of the valve.
For Jason, who has started several successful businesses, the thrill is in the process, not just the result. It’s fun to produce products and put local people to work!
“Success starts at home.” This is a great motto and one that Jason firmly believes! He has the assembly of the SafeSeal360 and some of the manufacturing work done in Brazeau County and Drayton Valley with some manufacturing done in Edmonton. The system is installed at the Keephills and Sundance Generating plants, with international companies looking to implement in their infrastructure. It’s an exciting time to be in business in Brazeau County!
“We’ve built good relationships along the way.” Among those relationships are those with local elected officials.

MP Gerald Soroka
MLA Mark Smith
Brazeau County Reeve Bart Guyon
Drayton Valley Mayor Michael Doerksen

Some quotes from the ribbon cutting ceremony for the SafeSeal360 system that was held on October 2, 2020 at the Keephills Generating Station:

“This demonstrates the very best of our oil and gas sector,” Dale Nally, Alberta’s Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity
“We all know how safe pipelines are, but any time we can enhance them and make them safer; it’s a phenomenal thing to do.” MP Gerald Soroka, Member of Parliament

We love that Jason feels that local business and local government go hand in hand, and he’s grateful for the support from representatives of all three levels of government. “Local politicians are in the trenches with business,” he says. “When they lower taxes, when they are cheerleaders for business, it’s important.” “If we can be successful here at home, the world will see. People can learn from Alberta.”
We could not agree more! If we all can join together to help build up local businessmen in their ideas, plans, and entrepreneurial spirit; what a success story Brazeau County would be!
If you would like to have a chat about your business, your ideas, or anything else business development related – just call Sandra McIntosh at the Brazeau County office and we will drop by for a visit.

And as always, we will bring Doughnuts!