Bio Energy

Bio Energy

Sustainable Energy. Sustainable Investment.

This is your invitation to Brazeau County’s Energy Summit on May 13, 2022 at the CETC in Drayton Valley, AB

With a host of strong and ever-expanding industries that rely on Brazeau County’s abundant natural resources to provide the lifeblood of their business, innovative methods to maximize the use of those materials has been a mainstay in Brazeau County for decades.

Converting excess wood and other bio waste into energy and a wide range of industrial and commercial products by burning and processing has introduced an entire new level of operations for businesses of all sizes in the County where a host of bio energy companies have made a home, supporting the growth of this new industry in Alberta, and attracting investment from around the globe. Green technology is on the cutting edge of the world’s energy industry, and Brazeau County sits perfectly situated to lead it.

Alberta Has The Energy – All kinds of Energy!

As Alberta’s reputation as the oil & gas mega centre grows around the world, we have the opportunity to also grow our alternative energy industry, making bio energy part of the Alberta energy package. Our region already has the infrastructure, the labour force and the drive to make the oil & gas sector boom, now is our chance to become the energy and bio energy capital of the planet.