Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Brazeau County Oil & Gas Industry:

Pure, Untapped Alberta

Surrounded by bountiful natural resources including one of the world’s most abundant reserves of oil, the Pembina Oilfields, Brazeau County is home to a thriving oil and gas industry that delivers new opportunities for business, development of industry, and establishes prosperity for our residents.

With over 1000 new wells drilled every year in the surrounding area, totaling more than 7000 in operation at one time, Brazeau County’s oil & gas sector has been creating economic vitality in our region for decades. And with new investments coming in and new pipelines and other infrastructure under development, our progress is showing no signs of slowing down.

New Business Opportunities

The oil and gas industry in Brazeau County is made up of a range of diverse businesses that service, impact and thrive off our region’s natural oil reserves. From rethinking the way we manage wastewater and other byproducts, to environmental cleanup and reclamation initiatives, as well as research and analysis facilities, it takes an array of businesses to keep the oil & gas industry flowing. And there’s always a need for more support, leaving room for businesses to create their own success in Brazeau County

Long-term Vitality

The Pembina Oilfields have oil reserves in our region that have been the major driver of our economy for decades. When oil was first tapped in 1953, the industry exploded and businesses from around North America came to Brazeau County to begin drilling. More than 15,000 wells were drilled, 7000 of which are still in operation today, with 1000 more drilled every year. Not only do we have the resources the world wants, but the pipeline infrastructure to efficiently deliver it to our partners outside the region.