Living in Brazeau County

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Our Quality of Life

Brazeau County residents enjoy a high level of prosperity thanks to our strong and ever-expanding economy based on rich natural resources abundant in the region. But those same natural resources that keep our local economy booming also provide the recreation, leisure and beauty that makes life in Brazeau County so worth living.

It’s like having your lake and fishing it too.

Established in 1988, Brazeau County is located approximately 160 kilometres south west of Edmonton and is home to the Town of Drayton Valley, the Village of Breton and the following hamlets:

  • Alsike
  • Buck Creek
  • Cynthia
  • Lodgepole

  • Poplar Ridge
  • Rocky Rapids
  • Violet Grove


The borders of Brazeau County encompass large expanses of crown land, the Brazeau Reservoir, Brazeau River – for which the county is named – and includes a number of Provincial Recreation Areas such as Eagle Point Blue Rapids, Natural Areas such as Pembina River, lakes and the North Saskatchewan River. Outside of the larger communities, you’ll also find a number of smaller localities spread across Brazaeu County, established as farming and agricultural communities generations ago.

The wide range of industries operating in Brazeau County – oil & gas, agriculture, forestry, bio energy, and tourism – bring new opportunities for employment and business than ever before, making Brazeau County one of the most desirable places to live and work in Canada. When you add economic vitality to natural beauty and a healthy community, you get a place that thousands of people want to call home. And every year more people are calling Brazeau County home, settling in our region with big hopes for the future and for their family.

Come for a visit to see the beauty of Brazeau County for yourself.