Harvest Alberta’s Cash Crops

Brazeau County’s agriculture sector is primarily beef cattle production with the majority of farms operating primarily as cow/calf operations with some diversification in grains and oilseed cultivation.  Oats and barley are traditionally the major grain crops grown in the area with canola being the main oilseed cultivated similar to many other municipalities in Central and Northern Alberta.  Forage production is the most important crop in the County and is grown on the majority of productive land in use.

Pasture make up the balance of the arable land in the municipality.  In the past 20 years, some traditional cattle ranges in the county have been transformed into bison ranches. Added to this agriculture mix are several aperies, agri-tourism, and fish farms providing successful models of the local diversification opportunities available in the region.

Brazeau County’s Land Delivers

The agriculture industry has been the backbone of Brazeau County’s local economy for generations, providing the surrounding communities and residents with ample food, work and new business opportunities. The time is ripe for outside investment to contribute to and profit from the ever-expanding business that surrounds our abundant crops, cattle, and even honeybee farms populating and enriching our county and province.

Spanning over 3,000 square kilometers with hundreds of farms operating at one time, there’s still plenty of room for new businesses to plant roots. On top of the vast expanses of land available for agricultural use, Brazeau County is also home to thousands of skilled workers ready to take on new employment in a growing industry.