Business Grows Naturally Here

For decades, the abundant forests that span the borders of Brazeau County have provided the local economy a strong backbone as lumber mills and forestry services businesses have planted their roots and continued to thrive. By diversifying products and methods – including partnering with Drayton Valley Power to provide the province an extra 10.5 megawatts of energy from burning wood waste – companies both large and small have found a sustainable way to do business in a county that’s dedicated to long-term growth and prosperity for every industry and every community.

 Old Forests, New Money

Brazeau County’s forestry industry is positioned for long-term growth and now is the time for investors from around the world to take notice. We have the resources, we have the infrastructure and we have the labour force needed to ensure the continued expansion of forestry operations in Brazeau County, making our region one of the most sought-after economic jurisdictions on the planet. Our soil is rich with opportunity.