Experience the Shift in Brazeau County

There has been a definite shift in Brazeau County. The old ways are on their way out and new ways are being seen around the region. What am I talking about? I’m talking about doughnuts. Really good, locally made doughnuts. I’m talking about the ones that call you from the lunchroom, the powdered, the glazed, the chocolate … and oh yes, the cream filled circles of happiness. Everyone has their favorite, and we are all happy when we see the big box come through the front office doors.

How do we know this, you ask? How can we say this with such conviction? Well, we have seen it first hand. We have been the bearer of doughnuts, the bringer of happiness, and the deliverer of sweets. We’ve seen faces light up when we walk through the office doors. We’ve seen the guys in the back when they hear the word doughnut said across the shop floor. It’s real and it can happen for you.

The Brazeau County Economic Development team – the bearer of doughnuts – have been providing this confectionary delivery service for many months. We book meetings for a chat with local businesses and we show up to the meeting with doughnuts. We always make sure we have enough doughnuts for everyone working at the business, because we understand the shift that is happening in Brazeau County, and we believe in the notion that no business be left unvisited and no meeting be left without doughnuts.

Alongside the doughnuts, we are also getting to know our local businesses, learning about their successes and as well as their struggles. We have heard some great stories of our business community supporting each other and working together to stay ready for new opportunities. We know we are not out of this down-turn yet, but together we can keep Brazeau County open for business.

To experience the shift first hand, call  Economic Development at the Brazeau County office. Kim wants to help you with your business, and of course, show you how to partake of the doughnuts!

Call us at 780-542-7777 or email us direct at kevans@brazeau.ab.ca