Get a Line on Fun

Across the vast wilderness of our province is a range of uniquely Albertan fishing opportunities – and that includes fishing in Brazeau County. From clear-water lakes, large reservoirs, mountain streams, and mighty rivers like the Pembina River, for fishermen of all skill levels, casting your line in Brazeau County means the chance to catch: bull trout up to 10 lbs., pike up to 20, whitefish, perch and more.

The Brazeau Reservoir – Great for beginner and intermediate fisherman looking to catch pike, bull trout, and rockies.

The Brazeau River – More experienced fishermen will find a challenge in this fast-moving river home to large pike, bull trout and cutthroat trout.

The Sardine Lake Recreation Area – Features fishing and canoeing for all skill levels, as well as a dock for non-motorized boats.

Buck Lake – A hot spot of activity in Brazeau County, here you’ll find pike, walleye, whitefish and perch.

The Pembina River – This huge river yields different catches depending on the time of year and where you find yourself along it, but you’ll always find a great range of fish no matter the season.